Students´ Research Projects
Discourse Studies within Educational Settings

  • The Masked Meanings of Classroom Interaction: Unveiling Students´ Identities Within EFL Settings. (2011) July Carolina Gómez L.
  • Feminities and Masculinities performed at the university level: Gender language and learning. (2011) María Ximena Rojas
  • Identity formation in discourses about ELT in the document Educación Visión 2019. (2011). Wilder YesidEscobar A.
  • Analyzing students´discourses in the EFL classroom. (2011). Ingrid Bello Vargas
  • Children as subjects with rights: Discursive strategies in EFL Colombian textbooks for children. (2011). Diana Marcela Herrera
  • Understanding EFL women: Learners' discourses and online foreign language socialization. (2011). Adriana Castañeda Londoño
  • LGBT Students' Short Range Narratives and Gender Performance in the EFL Classroom. (2011). Francisco Rondón