Students' Research Projects
Literacy Processes in Two Languages

  • Using visual literacy in a sequence of picture-stories to write narratives in EFL. (2010). AncizarLinares.
  • Considering children´s beliefs towards writing in EFL based on the process approach. (2010). Daniel Melgarejo
  • Reading of Images: a way to promote critical thinking skills with third graders. (2010). Marisol Sarmiento
  • Writing Hyperstoriescollaboratively for an authentic audience. (2010). Adriana IvonneAguirre
  • Story reading a catalyst for enriching home and school literacy practices. (2010). AmparoOnatra
  • Weblogs: a way to promote digital literacy skills and EFL writing. (2011). Sandra Juanita Lopez
  • Collaborative work to promote Fifth Grade Students´ Writing in an EFL context. (2011). Sonia Esperanza Rodríguez